Paint A YogiLife Mat

Paint A YogiLife Mat

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If you enjoy yoga and art, this class is a perfect combination for you! Taught by Lauryn Vacey, artist, designer, and creator of Eka YogiLife brand yoga mats out of Long Island, she will show you how she hand-paints her mats. She believes a well thought-out design on your yoga mat can enhance inner energies within the body. What better way to celebrate your practice than on your very own painted yoga mat!

Course agenda:

  1. Set up your painting space and learn how to use a palate, mixing colors, applying color coordination, spacial awareness, and minor color theory.
  2. Prepare your design and learn how to begin painting and apply to your canvas (your mat!)
  3. The class will provide all necessary materials and colors needed for painting a carefully selected lotus pond design.

Kit includes: 1 Spa Blue Yoga Mat, 1 Carry Strap 

Age requirement: 13 and older (no alcohol)

General rules: Creative Den reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet 50% participation 48 hours prior to class time and you will be fully refunded. You may cancel up to 72 hours prior to class time for a full refund, or up to 48 hours prior for a credit to be used on a future class of equal or lesser value. Please think of it as buying a concert ticket. Our instructors are artists and their time is valuable. Transferring to a friend at any time is highly encouraged.