Cigars + Beer

Cigars + Beer

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We’ve partnered with JR Cigars of Paramus to bring this unique experience to you. Whether it’s your first time smoking a cigar or you have been smoking stogies for years, learning about cigars can be exciting. From casual cigar smoking tips to steps to help you become a more savvy cigar connoisseur, this course includes details on cigar strengths, various wrapper flavors and flavor profiles, understanding ring gauges, cigar shapes and sizes, and other details to increase your cigar knowledge.

Be sure to bring your favorite beer to enjoy. Food will be served, so come hungry!

Course agenda:

  1. Get a history lesson in cigars
  2. Learn the basics like how to pick a cigar and what accessories you’ll need
  3. Begin to develop your cigar flavor profile 

Kit includes: 3 premium cigars and a goodie bag with a cutter and matches (no smoking on the premises, sorry)

Age requirement: 21 or older (BYOB)

General rules: Creative Den reserves the right to cancel any class that does not meet 50% participation 48 hours prior to class time and you will be fully refunded. You may cancel up to 72 hours prior to class time for a full refund, or up to 48 hours prior for a credit to be used on a future class of equal or lesser value. Please think of it as buying a concert ticket. Our instructors are artists and their time is valuable. Transferring to a friend at any time is highly encouraged.