Meet the Talent

Michelle Vinson lives in Shohola, PA with her husband, 2 sweet little boys and toy poodle. She graduated from Kent State University with a B.A. in Visual Communication Design and Illustration in 2002.

11 years ago, after working in design agencies and an in-house design department, she went out on her own as a freelance graphic designer. As a designer, she pays close attention to detail and understands the importance of creating a fresh and cohesive look to all of her designs. She has taken her love for painting and combined it with her experience as a designer to create patterns and illustrations that work on prints, fabric and home decor. She truly loves what she does and always hope that people can see that in her work. 

Soo Kim is a passionate designer who loves to draw and illustrate. During the day, she works full-time as a graphic designer in the fashion industry. 

But at night, she illustrates to release her creative energy and creates what you see below and at Creative Den. She hopes that you enjoy the one-of-a-kind hand-painted crafts and take a piece with you to enjoy.

Samantha Hiskey has always been interested in arts and crafts as a kid. Her parents would find her at the play table covered in glue, making designs out of colorful feathers, glitter, markers and paper. That freedom to make a mess and make something beautiful never left her. After graduating from Washington State University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering, she started making holiday cards by hand. The following New Year, she made a resolution to make all of my cards for the year by hand. She attended a couple of classes, bought just enough supplies to get by, and got to work. Her budding interest grew and she started making cards for friends and family to give away. 

Now when she is not working full-time or spending time with her husband and two sons, you will find her in an organized mess of markers, stamps, glue, paint and paper. 

Bonnie Hull
has been working with ceramics for about 24 years. She fell in love with the craft in High School, and continued her education at SUNY New Paltz earning a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration in ceramics. She enjoys the privilege of teaching children's clay workshops at Peters Vally School of Craft, and adult ceramics and design classes at Sussex County Community College. 

The focus of her own art is functional pottery, with enticing surfaces. It is her hope that these pieces bridge the Art/Craft divide, and enrich the lives of the user every day. 

Jenni Scheiwiller is the creator of Bean and Bug. She has always been passionate about all things handmade, from book binding to hand lettering, stamp carving to cake decorating, and all areas in between. Having dabbled in many areas, she has honed her interests to sewing, paper arts and baking, while maintaining the constant curiosity for new skill sets. She hopes to encourage her own children to work with their hands, get messy, be curious, build things and always be learning. Her brand is inspired by her kids' nicknames, Bean and Bug and her desire to create comfortable, cozy products that they and other children will love. 

She currently lives in Glen Rock with her husband, two young sons and a fluffy brown bunny.

Heather Corey is a resident of Glen Rock with her husband and two sons and a third son arriving soon. She has a BA in Art Education from Moravian College and a MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Connection form in childhood that remain, later to surface and influence us as adults. She recalls gardening with her mother as a child, when she would collect flowers and press them. Today, her process involves creating art with paper that she makes by hand. Her latest botanical series is a culmination of her passion for paper and sculpture. Her unique process is a reflection of her willingness to embrace the unknown, which leads her to the medium's true intentions.

Michael Porfido began his pottery journey as Mikhail Zakin's studio assistant at TASOC. He apprenticed with potters in Korea, mastering traditional techniques. He is a member of the Potters Guild of NJ and has experienced teaching at New Prospect Pottery. The Art School at Old Church, Garrison Art Center, Rockland Center for the Arts, Bostree Studio and NY/NJ Academy of Ceramic Art.

It is his intention to make beautiful, well-crafted, functional and decorative pottery for the home. He creates pottery that reflects his experience as an apprentice to two Korean master potters. His hop is that you will enjoy using his pottery as much as he enjoys making it.

Jim Nonas is a High School science teacher and wrestling coach who recently decided to turn his art hobby into something more.  He is a self-taught local artist living in Glen Rock with his family who specializes in magazine collage. Several of his works have been featured at Rock House Gallery in Key West Florida and ReFind Gallery in Bay Head NJ.    

Jim takes images from magazines and cuts them up to create a new image. From afar you see the main image, but up close you can see all the hidden pictures that make up the larger image. Every time you look at a piece you find something you didn’t see before.  

His pieces are done on canvas and sealed with UV resistant varnish.  

His work is versatile and includes landscapes, cityscapes, flowers, animals, still life,
abstracts and more.